Family Law

The focus of the practice is family law, which includes divorce, custody, domestic partnerships, child support modification, spousal support modification, custody and parenting time modification, and civil name changes.


Come to an agreement in your case without going to the courthouse. With the help of experienced attorneys, parties are empowered to make their own decisions about their family moving forward without a third party making decisions for them. This too often saves families a lot of money when compared to litigation.

Collaborative Law

We work with multiple professionals, including financial analysts, child specialists, and mental health coaches, depending on the specific needs of the family. Although each party is represented by counsel, each attorney agrees to work with–not against–the other party’s attorney to come up with meaningful solutions.


  • Christopher J. Bergstrom

    Myah is very aware that clients are coming to see her at perhaps the most emotionally taxing period in their lives. She strives to make sure that her client is informed about all of the options, both legal and personal. For Myah, the goal is helping the client move forward with their life. - Christopher J. Bergman, Attorney

    Christopher J. Bergstrom, at
  • Amy B.

    I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you and Chris have done for me. Although divorce is not a pleasent experience, you did make it a lot easier for me and I really appreciate the prompt return emails and call backs that I recieved from you. You answered all my questions and I really felt that you were on my side. I really do hope that I won't need your services in the future but if for some unforseen reason I do, I will definitely being calling your office to have you on my side again. - Amy B., Divorce Client

    Amy B., Divorce Client at