Family Law

The focus of the practice is family law, which includes divorce, custody, domestic partnerships, child support modification, spousal support modification, custody and parenting time modification, and civil name changes.


Come to an agreement in your case without going to the courthouse. With the help of experienced attorneys, parties are empowered to make their own decisions about their family moving forward without a third party making decisions for them. This too often saves families a lot of money when compared to litigation.

Collaborative Law

We work with multiple professionals, including financial analysts, child specialists, and mental health coaches, depending on the specific needs of the family. Although each party is represented by counsel, each attorney agrees to work with–not against–the other party’s attorney to come up with meaningful solutions.


  • Sam R.

    I consulted 3 lawyers regarding my custody issue. Out of the 3 Myah was the most impressive in my initial consultation, so I retained her services. I was not disappointed. She was extremely prepared. She kept me well informed of anything and everything in regards to my case. I found Myah to be very professional and she addressed my concerns in timely fashion. Her legal assistant, was also extremely professional, polite and personable. I was pleased with the service Kehoe Law provided. I would highly recommend Myah.
    - Sam R., Client

    Sam R., at
  • Jose B.

    I highly recommend hiring Myah Osher. Her proficient understanding of the Oregon law made my legal process simple. What most impressed me was her empathy and compassion. I can not imagine how anyone could of done a better job.
    - Jose B., Client

    Jose B., at
  • Andrew E.

    As you can imagine, most of the occasions where you need a lawyer are not the happiest or most relaxing moments of your life. My divorce case was no exception. From the beginning, Myah was understanding, patient and professional. She walked me through the process of what would happen and listened to what I thought I wanted. At no time did I ever feel like I was being pressured to do anything or make a decision. I always felt like she had my best interests in mind and that she was the barrier between myself and all the turmoil. Because of her, I was able to finish the process with my sanity intact. Although I hope that I never find myself in need of her assistance again, she would be the first person that I would seek out if I did. There is no one that I would recommend more highly than her.
    - Andrew E., Client

    Andrew E., at
  • Jim B.

    Myah is a knowledgeable and honest attorney that helped us navigate some very difficult issues. We worked with Myah on a difficult child custody issue in 2010. She was knowledgeable, candid, and supportive throughout the process. We were bringing the action from another state and her responsiveness and follow up was invaluable to us. We knew every step of the way where we were at and where things were headed, and she didn't sugar coat things or create unrealistic expectations. We appreciated that more than anything. When the case concluded, there were no surprises and we felt like we landed in the best place possible given the circumstances. She was fair, honest, and communicative and we would definitely retain her again.
    - Jim B., Client

    Jim B., at
  • Molly D.

    Myah is an amazing lawyer who I hope you have a long working relationship with. She is always there to answer my questions no matter how small or silly they may be. She was very understanding to my situation and feel I owe her more than just the required fee. Thanks Myah!
    - Molly D., Client

    Molly D., at
  • Christopher J. Bergstrom

    Myah is very aware that clients are coming to see her at perhaps the most emotionally taxing period in their lives. She strives to make sure that her client is informed about all of the options, both legal and personal. For Myah, the goal is helping the client move forward with their life.
    - Christopher J. Bergstrom, Attorney

    Christopher J. Bergstrom, at
  • Laurie C.

    Myah was prompt, helpful, well informed and clearly invested in looking out for my best interests, even in terms of choices that could help reduce my own costs. I was grateful to have Myah's help and guidance throughout the inevitable difficulties of dealing with legal matters related to divorce and separation. Myah was personable, professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to someone in need of a family law attorney.
    - Laurie C., Client

    Laurie C., at
  • Amy B.

    I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you and Chris have done for me. Although divorce is not a pleasant experience, you did make it a lot easier for me and I really appreciate the prompt return emails and call backs that I received from you. You answered all my questions and I really felt that you were on my side. I really do hope that I won't need your services in the future but if for some unforeseen reason I do, I will definitely being calling your office to have you on my side again.
    - Amy B., Divorce Client

    Amy B., Divorce Client at